Wednesday, April 23, 2008

MW appt today

After a stressful sleep (Soulmate is out of town) where I dreamt that my blood pressure was high already at 20 weeks, I was relieved to find all was well at the midwife today. My MIL came along to entertain the Hippo (who was VERY watchful whenever anyone did anything to Mommy).

BP is 120/70
Babe's heartrate is 140ish
I'm still a pound down from my pre-preg weight (I'm tracking my own weight and reporting it to her)
My blood sugar is totally normal (now that I've figured out how to wash my hands properly...)

So, I'm off to climb into the bath. Hippo fell asleep right at 8. I'm hoping he's down for the night...


Mud Mama said...

Still thinking twins??? I'm so happy about the blood sugars, I know YOU know what is going on, but it must be a relief to be able to PROVE it.

KEM said...

No twins - I'm positive there is just one in there and that she's enjoying the Olympic sized pool her brother created for her (yes, I do think baby is a girl based on nothing more than gut feeling...)!

It feels great to have good numbers on all the tests :)