Friday, July 25, 2008


As of the last 8 days, baby is head down. Well, almost down. She sometimes hangs out with her head in my hip, but this is fine by me for now. My amazing chiropractor and the magical Webster technique did the trick. I had a treatment last Thursday and another on Tuesday. I go again today. I also think that baby passed the magical weight mark where her head is now the heaviest part. She's back to being Party Baby. She wakes me up often in the night with her dancing. The Hippo didn't do this, but his placenta was anterior, so he had less scope for dancing, I suppose.

I'm back to troubleshooting blood sugar. My fasting numbers have been up for about a week. My post-meal numbers have been slightly elevated, but not above my midwife's cut-off. Is it stress? Not enough exercise? I've walked every day, but not the mammoth lengths that I have in previous weeks (only because I haven't wanted to go without friends and everyone is in the middle of their 9th month, vacation, or something else). Whatever. I took two cinnamon capsules last night before bed and my fasting number was down this morning. Yay for alternative remedies!

I feel fabulous (aside from a little more tired than usual, but I'm not concerned about that). I can still take my rings on and off (somehow this is a sign to me that all is well with my body - go figure).

I'm off to make smoothies for breakfast. I've totally become addicted to these and they make great popsicles, too. I would say combine the ingredients to your taste:

strawberries (or raspberries, cherries, whatever other fruit you have to hand)
cottage cheese
Balkan style yogourt

If your bananas aren't quite ripe, add a teaspoon of honey. I also find that pureeing the cottage cheese first gets the lumps out. Cottage cheese adds lots of protein while the yogourt adds a nice creaminess and tang. I prefer to make this with an electric hand blender, but mine broke so I've been using my big blender until I get a new hand blender.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Face all your fears...

I've had the nagging sense that I should be doing research on breech. Sure enough, babe has been breech for the past week. I can feel her wobbly little head above my belly button and her feet down below.

At first, I panicked, seeing my HBAC plans fly out the window, but then I calmed down and decided that I should research, find a provider who catches vaginal breech, and try to do everything I can to turn the baby.

The good news: I'm only 32 weeks, so there's lots of time left. Babe has lots of room.

The not-so-good news: No one in my community will catch a vaginal breech, so I need to go farther afield. My midwife is helping me find someone in/near Vancouver and I'm even looking as far away as Washington state. The practitioner will have to be either an OB or an unregistered midwife as registered midwives are prohibited by the BC College of Midwives from attending vaginal breech births.

Off to do breech tilts.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Update: No news

All is well, thank G-d. BP=normal. Blood sugar=normal. Weight gain to date=11 lbs. Baby was less active last week and appears to have had a growth spurt. We're now back to our regularly scheduled dancing (maybe I should name her Ginger if she's, in fact, a girl?) and my belly-button is sporting a scab where the skin tore as it expanded.

As of last Wednesday, Ginger is head down and is rapidly running out of room. I haven't felt her turn since then, but I could be wrong. All the same, I invested in a yoga ball for proper posture when sitting (though I'm currently enjoying the comfy chair in the living room) and I'm contemplating doing some pelvic tilts, swimming, and other general good-positioning exercises. Still seeing the chiro and acupuncturist regularly.

Back to gestating in peace (which lately means lots and lots of time to myself since I can't seem to sleep in later than 3am...).