Sunday, August 31, 2008

Can it be?

I really do feel great for someone who is 38 weeks pregnant. With the exception of incident described in an earlier post, I mostly move without pain/real restriction. Rolling over in bed is the exception, but even that is still tolerable. I can walk miles, am still wearing my rings, have no significant heartburn. I really can't complain.

I am now more pregnant than I ever have been. The Hippo was born at exactly 38 weeks and I'm officially 38 weeks and 3 days...

I am, however, ready to be done. I've moved past the "oh it's so wonderful to be pregnant" and on to the "I want the baby already!" phase. I've been looking at pics of the Hippo as a newborn and I can't wait for this babe. I was such a mess for at least his first month. I don't recall really leaving my bedroom for days and days. In retrospect, I probably had some form of mild PPD at the very least.

Trying to figure out sleeping arrangements for our family bed. Right now we have a king and the Hippo sleeps between us. He still nurses occasionally at night and seems to like being able to roll between us. I'm thinking to put up a toddler rail and have new baby sleep between it and me with me facing new baby and my back to the Hippo unless he desperately needs a boob in the night.

The other option is moving the Hippo to the other side of DH and putting new baby in the middle. Or switching sides of the bed and putting the Hippo between me and the railing and new baby between me and DH.

We own a pack n play with the bassinet feature that I plan to set up next to the bed for naptime and such so I suppose having the baby sleep there is an option as well...

My midwife got deliriously excited when I mentioned I was totally jonesing for a bagel with cream cheese. I said that if I wanted a good one, I'd have to make them myself because the only kosher bagels available in our city come in a plastic bag on the grocery store shelf. "You should make them to have right after you have the baby!!!" She almost fell off the couch. Bagels and cream cheese all around, I guess. I had been wondering what to make to feed the birth crowd (ok, not crowd: midwife, doula, DH, me, and possibly MIL and the Hippo if they are here). And, if the baby's a boy...I can just make a triple batch and freeze them for the bris! I'm so not one of THOSE people (who make and freeze stuff months in advance of the event), but this sounds fairly clever even to me.

True confessions: right now it feels like I'll be pregnant forever. My brain is refusing to process that at some point within the next 4 weeks (for some reason I doubt I'll go over 42 weeks), I'll have a baby. Last night I dreamt that DH and I were, um, trying to be intimate eight days postpartum. In the dream I reasoned out that I had a c-section, so I wouldn't be sore... Hello, after the Hippo we waited 3 friggin' months. What was my brain thinking - 8 days...! Silly brain. In any case, I hope I'm good and sore in the right place 8 days after giving birth and that the pain is not a result of an incision (epis. or abdo.).


Mud Mama said...

LOLOLOL!!! This post ended JUST know what? I misread "I really can't complain" as "I really can't copulate" higher up in this...I was thinking - Geez I'm pervvie today! But NO it's that I'm a psychic not a pervert!

Lots of I want a bagel - the montreal style only thank you very much...hmmm...baking tomorrow...

Anonymous said...

"I'm thinking to put up a toddler rail and have new baby sleep between it and me with me facing new baby and my back to the Hippo unless he desperately needs a boob in the night."
Sounds like a good option!

Hard to believe that you're almost done with the pregnancy. I wish you the best of luck during this last phase!