Friday, March 28, 2008


So I'm feeling lots of stretching in my lower abdomen these days. It seems baby decided to leave his/her little corner of my uterus (upper left) and settle more in the middle. I can feel her position any time my uterus contracts (Braxton-Hicks-style). Maybe I'll finally start to look pregnant. By this time with DS, I already looked like I had a tidy little baby bump. But that was back when I had some stomach muscles. A few weeks agao my muscles gave up the ghost and stretched out to where they were when I was 6 mo pregnant with DS. Now, it looks like I just had a big lunch because these muscles are all floppy with no baby behind them. Nevertheless, I've had to bust out the maternity tops because they are the only thing that cover my jiggling abdomen. Good times.

In other good news, my fasting blood sugar numbers have gotten WAY better. They were rarely ever above the GD cut-off (5.0-5.3 m/mol) anyway, but now they are fab-u-lous (today's was 3.6 m/mol). I rock. Not sure why the change, but I suspect one of two things:
1. I've always washed my hands before testing, but I've been paying more attention the past few days to specifically scrubbing the sides of my fingers.
2. I started taking my prenatals again after having had the flu for several weeks (they make me somewhat nauseous and I just couldn't handle any more nausea after not eating for 5 days, barely eating for 10, and losing 5 lbs). Along with the prenatals, I'm taking a vitamin protocol recommended by my husband and his TCM colleagues to help regulate blood sugar (cinnamon, calcium magnesium, zinc citrate and chromium something-or-other).

Whatever's going on, I guess it's working.

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