Sunday, March 30, 2008

Between You and Me

My fundus is now at least 3 cm above my belly button - this is since my visit to the midwife a week ago when my fundus was AT my belly button.

There is a definite baby head at the top, but there's something resembling a baby head about the length of my hand below the definite baby head. Logic says this could be the baby's bum, but:
1. the baby is only supposed to be 5 in long right now, I think (16 wks 3 days), and
2. their heads are so much bigger than their bums at this point that I really don't think it's a bum...

I've considered the possibility that our date are off, but here's the problem with that:
1. I had a definite period that started on Dec 6
2. I was charting my temp and had a definite ovulation spike on Dec 20 (plus my temps before then had been my normal pre-ov temps).

So, I'm now seriously considering the possibility that it's twins. Here's the problem: my midwife is not legally allowed to deliver twins. I desperately don't want to deliver in the hospital, and I'm nervous about using a "traditional birth attendant" (unlicensed midwife). My doula of choice won't attend a birth with a traditional birth attendant and I'm not sure I'm comfortable with that scenario, either. I guess I'm not as ballsy as I had thought.

The option left to me is to play dumb, I guess. My midwife likely won't look for twins and I can refuse an ultrasound if she's bound by the College of Midwives' Scope of Practice regulations to ask for one. Then, assuming all is well, it would be "Oops, it's twins!" when two babies come out. I likely would know before then since I seem to be pretty good at telling what position the baby is in (I knew for sure with Hippo that he was left occipito-something - turns out it was occipitotransverse - which would be why he hadn't yet dropped into my pelvis).

The suspense is driving crazy. What would you do in my position?


Mud Mama said...

relax and play dumb. How comfy is your mw with playing dumb too? Many aren't comfy with a twins homebirth and I wouldn't want my mw stressing me out.

That said, I thought I was eeling twins when Sprout was transverse a lot of the time.

labortrials said...

If your midwife is *wink wink* not allowed *wink wink* to deliver twins, then I'd find out from someone else whether or not you have twins. We all know that just because you have twins, it shouldn't rule out vaginal birth.

Wishing you all the best!!!!
~ Kimberly

KEM said...

Yeah, Soulmate has suggested we pay for an ultrasound under my maiden name claiming I don't have the provincial health coverage due to my American citizenship. If all else fails, this is what we will do. In the mean time, I think playing dumb is my best option. I just needed to vent a little last night (not that it would be a bad thing to have twins!!!).